New project called Worth Every Penny (Minden pénzt megér) beginning in April, 2020 is a unique initiation.  
The project makes visual high culture understandable to the wider audience.
Themes: painting, art trade, dumbfounding architectural and interior designs, highest level of industrial design. 
The TV Series of eight, 24-minute episodes starts in April, 2020 in Hungary, in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia on TV channels Spectrum and Spectrum Home. Simultaneously with the starting of the TV Series, the website, Facebook, Instagram any YouTube channel of the same name will start. 
The project believes that it is important to engage the interest of the target group in the importance of social responsibility. There for it looks for and presents the issues with cultural aspects.
Alinda Veiszer the host of the show is one of the most trustworthy reporter of Hungary.
Episodes are directed by Máté Vargha who is also the editor of the whole series.
This series is based on Barnabas Lovas’ idea. He is the producer of this show and his production company called Brand Factory provides a solid background for the series.

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